Von der Mehden Recital Hall Press Releases Samples (Spring 2016)

In the Spring 2016 semester, I worked as Publicity Intern for Von der Mehden Recital Hall. Below are a few of the press releases I wrote.


3/10 UConn Symphony Orchestra Concert

On Thursday March 10, the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts presents an evening of symphonic music featuring the UConn Symphony Orchestra. The UConn Symphony, under the direction of Professor Harvey Felder, will present selections by Johann Stamitz, Giuseppe Verdi, Franz Danzi, and Richard Wagner. The soloists and special guests for the concert will be UConn graduate flute-performance student Allison Fletcher and undergraduate clarinet performance major Samuel Beckwith.

The concert begins at 8:00 pm in von der Mehden Recital Hall. Tickets go on sale at 7:00 pm at the von der Mehden box office. General admission is $10, free for children and UConn students with a valid ID. Free and well-lit parking is across the street.

For more information, contact: Harvey Felder at harvey.felder@uconn.edu

4/5 Percussion Ensemble Concert

4/5, 8 PM

On April 5th, the Percussion Ensemble will be performing the works of John Cage, such as “Living Room Music,” “Dance Music for Elfrid Ide,” “First Construction,” “Second Construction,” and “Third Construction.” These pieces come from a period in which Cage was experimenting with non-standard instruments, such as noisemakers and toy pianos, and found objects, such as tin cans and sheet metal. The Percussion Ensemble is conducted by Robert McEwan. von der Mehden Recital Hall is located at 875 Coventry Road. General admission is free. Free and well-lit parking is available across the street.

For more information, contact: Robert McEwan at robert.mcewan@uconn.edu

4/14 Toe-Tapping Big Band Swing Jazz Concert

4/14, 7PM, UConn Co-op Bookstore,

Come to the UConn Co-op Bookstore this Thursday to see the UConn Jazz Lab Band! The Jazz Lab Band will be performing a variety of big band music. This concert features original arrangements by UConn Jazz students Michael O’Callaghan, Grant Eagleson, and Matthew Chiu. The Co-op Bookstore is located on One Royce Circle in Storrs Center. Admission is free.

For more information, contact: John Mastroianni at mastymusic17@gmail.com

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